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July 9 - July 22

Answers to Federal Candidate Question #2:

Do you favour the adoption of proportional voting for the next federal election? What is your position on Bill C-586, the Reform Bill introduced by Michael Chong and recently passed by the Senate?

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Laudato si – the world of a Franciscan pope

Patrick Brown delves into the 40,000 word encyclical of the Pope Francis, Laudato Si, bringing us an intriguing summary of the Pope’s ecology of ideas.

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Logging company Teal Jones edges closer to Castle Grove

Teal Jones has revealed plans to log an unprotected section of the Walbran Valley, in an old growth forest that was ground zero for the ‘War in the Woods’ protests of 20 years ago.

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The remaking of Canada’s refugee policies

Elizabeth May examines the changes that Canada’s refugee policy has undergone in the last few years, and discusses what this means for Canada and our role in helping refugees find a new life.

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Warmer water in the Pacific is causing havoc

An enormous warm patch of water in the Pacific Ocean, dubbed ‘The Blob’, is causing extreme weather and mass die-offs across the continent.

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A worthy cause — Mayne’s Old Schoolhouse

Mayne Island Lions Club’s 222 draw is raising money to restore the island’s old schoolhouse and provide community groups with a place to get together that’s steeped in history.

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News Shorts

Vancouver transit referendum voted down; Same-sex marriage becomes legal in US; Saanich to join amalgamation study; Preparation for Lyme disease conference; Shawnigan residents protest soil dump; Activists confront Shell’s arctic drill rig; Blue Dot Movement grows; $100,000 for First Nations challenges; Open Science Bill introduced; New app engages citizen scientists

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Readers’ Letters

Drought will impact Fraser River salmon?; Comment on BC government request for input on Great Bear Rainforest; Truth and Reconciliation discount; A Galiano cell tower not needed for emergency transmission; Getting at the truth of the Palestinian-Israeli situation; Tanker traffic air pollution

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Round The Islands

Salt Spring charged up about electric vehicles; Islands Trust stewardship recipients; New Salt Spring campers bus route; Garlic & music festival; Magic Lake wastewater and sewage vote; Friends of Strathcona Park public hike; Beacon Community Services student awards; Public input sought on wastewater options; Order of Canada for Salt Spring musician

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