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August 21 - September 3

Mining without worry

Patrick Brown discusses the tailings pond dam collapse at Mount Polley Mine. Did the company’s practice of building the dam higher compromise its strength?

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Editorial: Platform for Canada 2015

With an election coming up fast, it's time for Canadians to be thinking about the crucial issues facing Canada's parliamentary democracy and time for candidates to declare where they stand.

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Opposition grows to Woodfibre LNG

Squamish and West Vancouver council meetings raise concerns and opposition to Woodfibre’s proposed LNG plant.

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Solar Colwood

An initiative of the City of Colwood offers incentives and expert advice concerning solar technology.

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BCHydro net metering

A BCHydro program using Smart Meters connects renewable energy producers to the grid. Participants can receive an annual net payment for energy fed into the grid, using power from the system when they need it.

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Western Purple Martins

Herbie Rochet tells us about a Georgia Basin Western program and what is being done to re-establish this Species of Special Concern.

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