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October 1 - October 14

If I Were Prime Minister… Tackling Our Challenges

Futurist Guy Dauncey takes a look at Canada and outlines what he would do if he became Prime Minister in the next election.

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Voting for the Canada you want

With a general election in sight, Patrick Brown outlines Canada’s important issues and asks readers to cast an informed vote on October 19th.

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BC government approves old-growth logging in Walbran Valley

The BC Government has approved a logging permit for a section of the Walbran Valley, but opposition to the old-growth logging is already growing.

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Vancouver Island candidates answer to Federal Candidate Question #8:

How will we get Canada out of the current recession? Should our government be actively involved in leading and managing the economy, or leave improvements to the private sector? Should we aim for austerity, or emphasize infrastructure and basic services to Canadians?

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Let’s have a fair election

Will election fraud be a problem again in this federal election? Elizabeth May discusses the possibilities and urges voters to prepare themselves for any snags that voting may hold.

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News Shorts

Car crashes through barrier at Mill Bay, drives off ferry dock; Hillary Clinton rejects Keystone XL; Global March for elephants and rhinos; Everything old is new again; El Niño shoreline erosion warning; Another win for the whales; and Port Metro Vancouver and Echo are monitor underwater noise

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Readers’ Letters

My vote is up for grabs; UN condemns ‘glorification of Nazism’ - Canada votes against; Steelhead/Malahat LNG project; Canada’s complicity; Foreign Investor Protection Agreements; And the vote goes to; Stand Up with Malala; Passenger ferry tale

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