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October 30 - November 12

The Post-Modern Pizza

Pizza is a peasant food with an ancient, strong grip on the hearts - and stomachs - of the world. There’s even a World Pizza Championship in Italy every year. And a new Salish Sea recipe.

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Peace in the Forest

For the first time on Galiano in 22 years, the dispute about forest land development is no longer a hot-button issue in the local elections. Suzanne Fournier tells us why and takes a look at recent solutions.

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Cleaner air, anyone?

Bruce Boland takes a ride in Greenpower’s super quiet electric bus and explains its technology. Could a mini version work on the Gulf Islands?

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Home builders anxious not to lose another season

Galiano Green is still waiting for a public hearing. Will the affordable housing project be okayed before builders lose another season?

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‘Lock your office door and stay away from the windows...’

October 22nd was a day of tragedy in Ottawa when a gunman killed a guard at the War Memorial and then went on to enter the Parliament Buildings. Elizabeth May tells us about being in lock-down and warns against a shock-and-awe over-reaction.

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Pender’s Tim Frick inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Tim Frick, world-class wheelchair basketball coach, was the first paralympic coach to be inducted into Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame. Tim spends time as a volunteer coach for Pender Island youth.

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Near grounding on Haida Gwaii luckily averted by a US tug

When a Russian container ship lost power near Haida Gwaii and drifted dangerously towards the rocky shoreline, it was towed to safety by a US tug. Why were there no Canadian vessels available that could tow the ship, which was one-third the size of an oil or LNG tanker?

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