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October 2 - October 16

BC Ferries: report shows opportunities foregone

‘Boatswains to the Bollards’, report reveals how BC Ferries has affected the BC economy. Fare increases may have been good for the corporation’s bottom line, but resulted in foregone opportunities to maintain and stimulate economic activity on the coast and enhance government tax revenue.

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Transportation Ministry will spend $200,000 on Gabriola bridges study

Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation, has announced his intention to carry out a feasibility study of building a ‘fixed link’ from Naniamo to Gabriola, despite limited public support and Island Trust policies against bridges.

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‘The whole world is marching’ - Elizabeth May

On September 21, millions of people all around the world marched together for the protection of the environment, the rejection of fossil fuels, and the survival of the human race.

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Deep Bay/Bowser residents take action against beach destruction

Residents of Deep Bay and Bowser have taken matters into their own hands, planting gardens and building benches in an effort to block seaweed harvesting machines.

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Chill factor in revised BC’s Society Act

Patrick Brown points out the ‘chill’ factor in BC’s rewritten Society Act, which seems to allow anyone to initiate litigation against any society that they see as acting detrimental to the public interest. The courts would define ‘the public interest’. Comment period ends soon.

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