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January 22 - February 4

Grace Islet will be preserved

First Nations, the Province of BC, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada agree to protect Grace Islet. The islet, under development, is home to at least 16 burial cairns.

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Big Oil’s media deal

Last year Postmedia made an agreement with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production to give CAPP ‘100% share of voice’. Patrick Brown looks at what this could mean to freedom of the press and readers’ trust in newspapers.

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Climate Negotiations: A Long Road From Lima to Paris

Elizabeth May gives the run down on the negotiations at COP20 in Lima, the lead-up to a new treaty in Paris at the end of this year.

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Trans Mountain Hearing Process ‘Fraudulent’ says Eliesen

Marc Eliesen, former CEO of BCHydro and former Chair of Manitoba Hydro, withdraws as intervenor in the Trans Mountain hearing process with a scathing letter.

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What Will Be On Your Plate Next Year?

Brian Crumblehulme looks at current fashions in food, including supplements and additives, and has a quick look at spring planting.

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Could trucks, ships and planes be 100% renewable?

Practical visionary Guy Dauncey looks at the advances made in transportation world-wide.

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