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March 5 - March 18

Site C Dam approval: environmental factors, challenges

Despite approval, the Site C dam poses a number of environmental concerns and possible violations to First Nations treaty rights.

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Unmaking our professional foreign civil service

Elizabeth May shows how reducing the competence of Canada’s foreign civil service reduces the nation’s international influence and respect.

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Eelgrass bed mapping complete

Mapping of eelgrass beds in Canada’s Salish Sea has been completed and is available online to help conservation and protection of this vital habitat.

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Anti-terrorism, anti-democratic

Patrick Brown describes the anti-democratic factors of the new anti-terrorism bill, C-51, and highlights the flaws of the Angus Reid poll that indicated public support for the bill.

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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Turkey

A turkey vulture, recovered from a fractured right leg, has been released after five months in the care of BC SPCA’s Wild ARC. Christina Carrières gives us an interesting look at the work this organization does.

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Reader's Letters

Gabriola Bridge, Ferry Ramps, World Development Goals, Smart Meters, Upcoming Election...

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