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October 16 - October 30

Ferries’ southern islands’ cuts

No double runs on winter Friday nights for Queen of Nanaimo and she won’t sail at all on Wednesdays between January and March. Check BC Ferries' website schedule!

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Monopoly could force bankruptcy of Gulf Islands’ recyclers

MMBC’s monopoly over BC recyclables could force rural recycling depots into bankruptcy. Meanwhile, these valuable depots are providing more service than just recycling packaging.

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Salt Spring Island 15th Apple Festival

The island-wide apple festival was a tour of ‘the magic of mother nature’. Apples, art, and island foods were celebrated, shared and enjoyed.

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Signals of Systemic Unsustainability? - Loys Maingon

June 26th’s Supreme Court’s Tsilhqot’in ruling is a game changer. It gives human and natural capital priority over conventional economics and begins the paradigm shift away from GDP.

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Vanishing Beauty

Mike Yip talks about butterflies on the coast; where we can still find them and how to help prevent the serious decline in species and numbers.

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Increasing the strength of terrorists

MP Elizabeth May’s October 3rd speech to Parliament brings us up-to-date on the flaws in strategies for dealing with terrorists. War and bombing only make things worse.

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