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March 19 - April 1

No marine traffic exclusion zone for Kinder Morgan tankers

Transport Canada’s TERMPOL Review Committee has rejected Kinder Morgan’s proposal for a marine traffic exclusion zone which would travel with their tankers through the Strait of Georgia, concluding that it would be difficult to implement and enforce and would provide few safety benefits.

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Oversight may not be enough to protect citizens’ rights

Patrick Brown takes another look at Bill C-51 and demonstrates how C-51 could endanger the rights of Canadians.

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A Women's Coalition Cabinet

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Elizabeth May tells us who would be in her dream non-partisan cabinet.

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Learning (and teaching) in nature

David Suzuki discusses the benefits of learning in nature, both for children and for their teachers.

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MLA Report

North Island MLA Claire Trevena examines BC’s 2015/16 budget. More for the well-to-do, less for the poor?

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Reader's Letters

Mayne and Galiano on-call nursing, Bill C-51, Lasqueti Island 911 services, overseas development assistance...

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