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May 14 - May 27

Woodfibre LNG environmental assessment challenged

Citizen group My Sea to Sky has challenged the provincial assessment of the Woodfibre LNG plant on the basis that its risk assessment is inadequate.

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Snuffy Comes Ashore

Hornby Islanders got a spectacle when a male elephant seal dragged himself onto Big Trib beach for a nap. William Thomas tells us about this incredible species.

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Yet another islands’ solar project

Phase one of a micro-grid solar project on Lasqueti Island has been completed at the Judith Fisher Centre campus.

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The VIs (& GI) Emergency Preparedness Conference

Brian Crumblehulme tells us about the Vancouver Island Emergency Preparedness Conference and takes a look at the importance of emergency preparation.

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The Duffy diaries, Enbridge, PMO campaign to demonize environmental groups

Elizabeth May talks about the charges against Mike Duffy, former senator of PEI, and how the trail leads back to the PMO.

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News Shorts

Those extra days to tax deadline; Quota fishing; New coal scheme would bypass Texada; Province, First Nations partnerships announce Coastal Marine Plans; Seastars may be on their way back; Climate change human caused, says Pontificate; Gulf Islands ferry foot passengers may reserve space; NEB hearings limits challenged; First Green elected in PEI

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Reader's Letters

Names & branding matter; True conservative?; Terror in our neighbourhoods; More on terrorism; Shawnigan Lake toxic waste dump; What about the Arctic?; Have we learned nothing from Mount Polley?; Israeli peace activist speaks

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Round The Islands

New ferries naming contest; Grow local; Tinies in nature, New ‘Jazz’ flight began on May Day; Short fiction contest; Visitor centre re-opens; Connecting the Islands

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Saturna Notes, on page 8

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