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On Thanksgiving Sunday, Mayne Island community held its annual 'apple squeeze day'. Anyone who has harvested apples and wants apple juice, brings their apples to the grounds beside the Agricultural Hall. The apple shredder turns the apples into pulp, the apple press squeezed the juice out. (photos: Tom Hobley)

Sorry about not curating your news; it's great to have a good read assembled for you—the sort of stuff you wouldn't usually find put together (or find presented at all). For now, browse our back issues. There's tons to read and beautiful photos to enjoy.

On Island Tides pages connections arise; as if by magic. Our aim — by putting 'found objects' of news and pictures together — was to create a side-by-side spread which will allow you to gain insights to help you think outside the box. Intensified serendipity.

We can't thank our contributors enough for sending important news and ideas and glorious images along all these years. People often talk about our 'team', What it really is—as Jim Campbell once said of doing the Saturna Lamb BBQ— is 'inspired ad hockery'— by dozens of passionate west coasters. It's what we do on the coast: we pitch in, we have our say, we know stuff, we can think about stuff, we can express it, and we help each other.

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Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. — Winston Churchill

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