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Salt Spring incorporation referendum—again

The hottest issue on Salt Spring for more than a decade is getting hotter—like the weather. Turned down in 2002, September 9 will see the case tried again. In the meantime there are a number of places to get thoroughly informed—it’s worth the effort before voting day.

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Salish Sea - world heritage site?

A move to help us remember how important this place is to us is being initiated on Vancouver Island. The Salish Sea is an area of outstanding biological diversity and abundance surrounded by extensive urbanization, economic development, and resource exploitation. How do we maintain it?

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North to Alaska!

Every year, sailors, paddlers and, yes, pedallers race from Port Townsend via to Victoria to Ketchican, Alaska. This year, a stranded pedal-assisted trimaran is helped out by resourceful Saturna Islanders and goes on to get there first.

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Food security a Canadian public concern

Two programs are unfolding in parallel, National Food Policy and National Poverty Reduction Strategy—but not necessarily in connection. Community Food Centres Canada says that an Ipsos Reid poll shows that people know the issues are connected and, for success, we must ensure the government links the programs’ efforts.

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Two oily ones:

Fuel truck spill shuts Ucluelet and Tofino highway for the day (fears for Kennedy Lake), Marine oilspill response exercise in Plumper Sound (photos)

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BC’s Green caucus visits Site C

Or rather they groundtruth communities and individual that will be affected by the boondoggled of a dam, which already projects multi-billion dollar cost overruns. People will suffer, farmland will be destroyed, a valley will be flooded, and taxpayers will pay the bill for power we don’t need.

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Saturna Notes

A community picnic, end of school year celebrations, and the Canada Day Lamb BBQ looming.

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Movement for Oceans

Elizabeth May reports on the High-Level United Nations Oceans Conference. She also tells about federal government progress on marine protection. Canada’s Oceans Act is being amended to speed up National Marine Protected Area creation — currently pitifully slow, including our own Salish Sea NMCA.

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The longest day is also World Refugee Day

Prime Minister Trudeau talks about the global problem of people displacement—it’s not going away any time soon and and how Canadian should help.

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The Long Read

Verbatim: Elizabeth May’s 2014 TEDx YYC talk to Calgarians about Canadian innovation—it shouldn’t be an oxymoron; it should be a no-brainer and then we wouldn’t have to care about having pipelines.

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Arithmetically Challenged, First Nations & Softwood Lumber

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More Stories

Out and about in Saanich and the Gulf Islands this summer, H Barry Cotton poem, Wells and groundwater workshops on the islands, Intermediate kids get hands-on science equipment, Islands’ stewardship nominations for individuals and groups, The longest day is also World Refugee Day, Want to volunteer for the BC Bat Count?


Jim Hebert: Oceans Day on Gabriola • People Power cartoon • Derek Holzapfel: summer seedum • Harald Hommel: Pay Bay sunset • Tom Hobley: Mayne’s colourful Month of May celebration • Priscilla Ewbank: Taylor Point hike (or snooze?) • Darcy Shawchek: Green caucus in ’The Peace’ • Camilla Anderson: Hands on science for youngsters

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