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What Your Candidates Say - Island Tides’ election feature

All candidates from coastal electoral areas are given an opportunity to give a succinct answer to a different question each edition. This time we asked: ‘How would you regulate the aquaculture industry? The logging and wood products industry?'

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There’s tons of water—isn’t there?

International water expert and activist Maude Barlow recently gave talks in five BC cities on Canada’s water crisis. Water is one of the most important issues of our time, says Barlow.

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Report from the world’s largest-ever gathering of Greens!

MP Elizabeth May shares the inspiring experience of attending the largest gathering of Greens in history - the Global Greens Congress held in Liverpool. 2,000 Greens from over 100 countries attended, bringing their ideas and experiences into one room.

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Butterfly Time

Spring is upon us, and butterflies will soon be unfolding their wings for the season. Salt Spring and Denman islands are home to two critically endangered species.

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Pender excels at Victoria schools Regional Science Fair

Pender students attended the Victoria regional science fair at the University of Victoria and excelled. Twelve students won 13 awards, and the group got special recognition for their enthusiastic encouragement of each other.

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Struggling carbon buster encounters dying coral reef

Cowichan carbon buster Peter Nix discusses the traveller’s dilemma - is there sense in travelling thousands of miles to visit coral reefs, if the very act of flying there is damaging those reefs?

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Pembina Institute gives thumbs down on BCLiberal platform

Josha McNab, BC director at the Pembina Institute, has released a statement indicating the Institute’s disproval of the BCLiberal’s election platform.

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The Long Read: Reforming the Standing Orders of the House of Commons – a Green approach

Introduction of the Liberal government’s discussion paper on "Modernization of the Standing Orders of the House of Commons" caused a filibuster. MP Elizabeth May subsequently presented a highly readable report detailing changes to rules and procedures which, if made, would improve the democratic legitimacy, sustainability and functionality of Canada’s Parliament. It is published for the record.

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