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Derek Holzapfel

Picture of Derek Holzapfel
Contributing Photographer

Derek has been an avid outdoors person since his mid teens. Spending all holidays and long weekends either hiking or canoeing Ontario’s parks taught him respect and knowledge of natural environments.

His outdoor adventures continued and expanded after moving to BC in 1992. Here he found amazing wonders under the ocean, on the land and on the snow-covered mountains. He started photographing with his first 35mm camera at age 10. A hand-me-down camera from his father started his interest in photography. This camera has been packed, hiked and canoed on many trips.

Derek has lived on Pender Island since 1999. Having since retired from the computer profession, Derek now uses his technical skills to work with digital photography and digital video media.

As an amateur naturalist and active scuba diver, his passion is to capture Nature’s creations to share with all. Derek filmed, photographed and produced the digital video “Pender Island Nature Scenes”, survived an octopus attack, and published his photography in many publications.


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