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Readership Profile

Island Tides is the community paper connecting residents of the legendary ‘Salish Sea’ area, Island Tides introduces readers to the magic of the region: west coast lifestyle, arts and crafts, events, shopping, restaurants, attractions, where to stay… and real estate for those who dream of staying a little longer!

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Our growing population of well-heeled empty-nesters, celebrities, and professionals working from home, as well as young families looking for a healthier way-of-life, is an exciting market. Many retired and semi-retired Americans come to build their homes in our west coast paradise. ‘Green’ is a key interest of Islanders.

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In this desirable and affluent area, nestled in the Strait of Georgia, the property market, new construction and renovation continue to boom. All services and products to do with home, garden, health, leisure, eco-sports gear, vacations, money management, and the ‘good life’ are of high interest to our readers.

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Islanders enjoy their weekly shopping trips to Sidney, Victoria, Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville and Campbell River. Between times, they also like to shop by web, phone and mail-order. They are always on the look-out for events and activities for their many visitors.

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The Southern Gulf Islands is Canada’s newest national park. Islanders have year-round visitors in ever-growing numbers. Visitors enjoy tourist attractions on Vancouver Island and stay to shop for property.

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