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Our readers tell us:

Today's edition of Island Tides is outstanding. . . from topics to photos!

Island Tides Toronto Reader

Please convey to Mr. Brown my interest and pleasure in reading his columns as they appear in Island Tides. Not for him are the yawnful happenings of our so-called bucolic Gulf Islands-he launches full scale, well researched and tuneful intellectual attacks on the institutions that we, the people, embrace, with apathy, or default. I wish to assure Mr Brown that he is eminently readable.

Island Tides Salt Spring Reader

Good write-up on the Galiano bylaw process! Plus other great articles as always. A group of us were discussing Island Tides with great admiration yesterday.

Island Tides Hornby Reader

Our ad in the Island Tides actually produced the most calls for us so thank you very much for having such a great far reaching paper

Island Tides Mill Bay advertiser

Just want to let everyone at Island Tides know that I think you are doing an absolutely fabulous job and I am SO glad you are here.

Island Tides Comox Reader

I wanted to mention that I truly love the Island Tides. As a newcomer to the gulf islands I'm very grateful that we have the benefits of such a high quality and insightful local publication. Thank you to all those who make it happen.

Island Tides Salt Spring Reader

You are still the best publication I've ever seen! Thanks for keeping the reality of things in the forefront of your newspaper!

Island Tides Salt Spring Reader

The Show this weekend was a resounding success! We had over 2,000 people come in - up from just shy of 1,200 last year! We are pretty pleased. I like to think that Island Tides had a part in this.

Island Tides Vancouver Island Organizer

Thank you, for Island Tides. It is a very important communication for our islands.

Island Tides Pender Reader

I pick up your paper when I go into Sidney and catch up on your great editorials, the one in this issue is so good and is absolutely what needs to be said.

Island Tides North Saanich Reader

Wow, what an edition respecting Galiano, thanks. Also, I wanted to say I thought the cover photo of the plane and barge in the previous edition was just incredible. I couldn't stop looking at it every time I saw the paper

Island Tides Galiano Reader

I am an avid reader of all items in Island Tides, which reminds me that a cheque will be sent tomorrow for my Sidney box voluntary subscription.

Island Tides North Saanich Reader

The ad in your paper has been the best choice we could have made to market our product. We have received more response from your paper, than any other advertising we have tried. Thank you.

Island Tides Service Advertiser

Island Tides and The Guardian Weekly are the only media sources I need.

Island Tides Gulf Islands' Reader

Excellent Tides issue! You do have a way with words, telling it the way it is plus providing a giggle or two along the way! The report on the public hearing was very well done and accurate to the letter! Very much appreciated all around!

Island Tides North Pender Reader

'No I won't be needing any more ads. Thanks to our Island Tides ad we have an offer on our property and more lined up!'

– Vancouver Island Private Homeseller

I cannot praise your in-depth coverage of issues enough! Your paper is an island of sanity amidst chaos.

Island Tides Central Saanich Reader

Our clients are thrilled with the ad.

– Saanich real estate agent

Absolutely fantastic Island Tides and excellent articles and, as always, Patrick, your articles sure get the word out in the most appropriate and informative way!

Island Tides North Pender Reader

I wanted to tell you how delighted I am at the response I am receiving. You know, people really DO read Island Tides. Thank you for the brilliant work you do.

Island Tides Gabriola Reader

Thanks very much for giving me and those others who are far away, the opportunity of keeping in touch.

Island Tides Canadian Reader in China

Hooray for the Island Tides, which has raised the TILMA issue and brought it - at the beginning almost single-handedly - to the attention of the whole west coast!!! If there was ever a better proof of the importance of independent media, I haven’t heard it.

Island Tides Gabriola Reader

Yes, I want to renew my advertising. People really read Island Tides.

Island Tides Vancouver Advertiser

The Island Tides' website is very impressive. How Island Tides can exceed the meaningful content of the Sun, Province, and Times Colonist amazes me.

Island Tides Logan Lake Reader

I am chairing the organizing committee of the upcoming forum on TILMA in Nanaimo I am looking for a couple of hard hitting articles to use as hand outs. I think Patrick Brown’s ‘Trojan Horse’ article is the most pointed I have read so far in outlining the real ramifications of this kind of trade deal.

Island Tides Gabriola Reader

I really appreciate the Tides’ clear, well-written coverage of issues. In fact I depend upon it.

Island Tides Salt Spring Reader

It's a pleasure to be slightly involved with such a first-class little paper. We're also pleased to notice that people are picking up more Island Tides than ever before.

–Gabriola Island Advertiser

Well, they have done it again. Islands Tides has produced another excellent edition and once again some articles have so much food for thought that they require a second reading. Long may they run.

–Gabriola Island Reader

Our sincere thanks for all the excellent coverage of local news and opinions as well as an unbiased perspective on global news. Without Island Tides we would not have that balanced coverage. Look forward to another year of keeping us informed.

Island Tides Reader

It [the ad] looks great and I must complement you on your efficiency. You beat any other newspaper or media I've ever dealt with.

Island Tides Advertiser

Just a note to thank-you for the nice ad...we have gotten responses from as far away as Surrey, so it has been noticed.

Island Tides Advertiser

I just wanted to let you know that the Tides is going fast and furious on Gabriola. When I get my bundle, I distribute to: ferry waiting rooms, ferry lounge, local cappuccino bar, local library, and health food store/restaurant. I've had many comments about what a great little paper it is, and people are now coming up to me to see if I'm distributing the Island Tides that day.

–Gabriola Island Reader

Thanks again...I have had two promising calls and will be doing some estimates on Salt Spring in the next week or two.

Island Tides Vancouver Trades Advertiser

Yet another absolutely fantastic Island Tides! Thanks for all you do for the community—you offer and give an excellent service and I know many of us truly appreciate it!

Island Tides Reader

Not all media have so much advertising information on their website. You have the whole package, it’s was very convenient—no waiting for call backs.

Island Tides Advertiser

Great little paper you are putting out! Thanks for all your effort. We get it every couple of weeks here in Bowser and everybody loves it! Keep up the good work!

Island Tides Reader

Go ahead with our renewal. It’s the only advertsing we need. I’ve got rid of one phone book. We’re swamped—it’s wonderful!

Island Tides Victoria Trades Advertiser

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